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Acne/Breakout Prone


Acne/Breakout Prone Skin

Acne is not just a problem for teenagers – it affects people of all ages. Even those blessed to have escaped their pubescent years acne free can still develop it later on in life. The exact cause of acne is not completely understood, but several factors are thought to be involved: bacteria, occlusion of hair follicles, hormones, and inflammatory mediators in the skin. Diet may play a larger role in acne than previously thought. Some research is beginning to show that diets high in sugar and dairy may contribute to acne flare ups. Treatment of acne can feel like a trial and error approach. Many over the counter products can actually worsen the inflammation and dry the skin out unnecessarily. If at home remedies have failed it may be time to see a healthcare professional.

Acne/Breakout Prone Skin
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