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What is Fractora?

Fractora™ is a fractional radio frequency, which is the new global anti-aging revolution. It is the first choice for a dramatic minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment. The InMode platform offers Fractora™’s unique multi-pen, varied depth, and power ranges provide a custom approach to reduce wrinkles, scarring, retexture, and revitalize collagen and elastin. Skin is more radiant, resilient, and youthful. This treatment works well with Forma™, a radio-frequency treatment with additional energy to give a complete facial, we call FracTotal.

The areas of the skin Fractora™ treatment is used most is the face, neck, and hands, for wrinkles and as well as areas of the body with scarring. The results can be seen as soon as two weeks with skin tightening but many improvements are seen in 3-4 months as neocollagenesis is being formed. One to three treatments is recommended but may require up to six for scarring.

What is Fractora™?
Wound Healing Process
Wound Healing Process

How does Fractora work?

By creating radiofrequency thermal zones without injuring the epidermis, trauma to the reticular dermis, with long-term dermal remodeling, neoelastogenesis, and neocollagenesis is stimulated. The result is a dermal thickening which has been lost over time due to the aging process and UV light.

The treatment is well tolerated with a topical numbing agent. Social activity can be resumed after a couple of days. We encourage all patients to start our medical grade skin care line prior to treatment for better results. This procedure cannot be performed on anyone with an implanted device such as a pacemaker or anyone with epilepsy or pregnant and lactating women.

The Fracture treatment can be considered an effective modality of treatment for moderate wrinkling and softening acne scars with minimal downtime and advantageous results. (There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary.)

My skin was bright and smooth is just a short amount of time. I even get away without wearing any foundation (not bad for 56). There was very little downtime or discomfort and I had the same results as an ablative laser treatment. My favorite response was when my co-workers thought I had gotten my filler injections.

– M. Goldsmith (Arizona)

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