Vein Disease

Tennessee Vein Center: Vein Treatments

At Tennessee Vein Center, we understand the worry that can come with a vein disease diagnosis.

Our highly trained team is experienced in non-surgical alternative vein treatments and provides personalized care to help treat your vein condition in the most effective way for your overall health.

Types of Vein Treatments We Offer

Various vein treatments can help improve symptoms and vein health quickly and easily with little to no downtime.

We proudly offer the following vein treatments personalized to your health and wellness goals.

Endovenous Thermal Ablation

Endovenous thermal ablation (EVTA) is a minimally invasive procedure that can successfully treat varicose veins. bulging veins.

The treatment is virtually painless and quick.


This cosmetic procedure utilizes a small needle to inject medication into spider veins and small varicose veins to reduce their appearance.

Ultrasound-guided Sclerotherapy

A minimally invasive outpatient procedure used to treat varicose veins and other problems caused by venous insufficiency, this treatment uses a tiny needle and an ultrasound to inject medication into the affected area.


Varithena® is a micro-foam medication approved by the FDA in 2013 for varicose vein treatment.

Varithena® is a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment that is proven to improve the symptoms and the appearance of varicose veins.


Veinwave™ is a revolutionary technique used by physicians around the world to eliminate spider and fine thread veins.

It is the treatment of choice for spider veins that are too small to treat with sclerotherapy, and it is most effective for facial vein elimination.

Conservative Treatment

Conservative treatment includes measures to maintain venous health that do not involve procedures.

Treatment may include

  • exercise
  • leg elevation
  • compression stockings

...and more!

Cutera® Excel V™

Cutera® Excel V™ is a solid-state laser system that provides unparalleled treatment for 20 different conditions, including

  • spider and varicose veins
  • sun spots
  • rosacea
  • venous lakes
  • port wine stains

...and more!

Comprehensive Vein Treatment in Tennessee

Your vein health matters to us.

If you’re living with vein disease or are experiencing new or worsening symptoms consistent with a vein-related condition, our compassionate and experienced team can help with state-of-the-art diagnosis and minimally-invasive vein treatments.