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Tennessee Vein Center: Aesthetic Treatments

Offering advanced cosmetic treatments to help you look and feel your best.

At Tennessee Vein Center, we believe that you deserve to feel good in your skin, and sometimes that requires aesthetic and cosmetic treatments to boost your confidence and optimize your overall health.

Whether you’ve experienced natural signs of aging, lifestyle factors, or environmental elements that have affected the appearance of your skin, such as wrinkles or spider veins, or are simply hoping to enhance your appearance after dealing with a vein-related condition, we’re here to help.

If you’ve been living with an aesthetic vein condition or are experiencing new signs of one, then cosmetic skin treatment may be the best option for you.

Let’s dive into the types of aesthetic and cosmetic treatments we offer in more detail below.

Types of Aesthetic Treatments We Offer

Your skin deserves the best. That’s why our skincare philosophy is simple, effective, and affordable to meet your needs and help you feel your best.

There are various minimally invasive aesthetic treatment options that come with little to no downtime that can effectively treat a variety of conditions.

The most common skincare treatments and facial cosmetic procedures we provide are included in the table below. Read on to learn more.


BodyFX® offers noninvasive fat reduction and skin tightening through Bipolar Radio Frequency energy by heating to the deep subcutaneous layer.


Botox is the only FDA-approved medication injectable that effectively treats dynamic wrinkle lines in the forehead, between the eyebrows, and crow’s feet.

Corrective Chemical Peels

We offer various chemical peels to address different problems on the face, neck, décolleté, and body. Every peel is custom designed to the patient’s unique aesthetic skincare goals.

Cutera® Excel V™

Cutera® Excel V™ is a solid-state laser treatment that treats 20 different conditions, including sun spots, rosacea, and spider veins.

Cutera® Laser Genesis™

Cutera® Laser Genesis™ is a laser treatment option that helps with skin rejuvenation, redness reduction, and scar revision for all skin types.


Dermaplane is a painless and noninvasive method to manually exfoliate the outermost layer of skin on the face. Using a medical blade, dead skin and peach fuzz can be effectively removed from the skin’s surface.


The Diolaze™ laser is used in hair removal treatment on any area of concern on the body.

Forma™/ Forma Plus™

Forma™ is a noninvasive treatment that uses thermal heating of radio-frequency to improve skin texture and tone, leaving it more defined, smoother, and less wrinkled for weeks.


Fractora™ is a fractional radio frequency laser used to dramatically reduce wrinkles, and scarring while retexturizing and revitalizing collagen and elastin.


Juvéderm® is a family of FD-approved hyaluronic acid dermal fillers used to correct wrinkles associated with aging and volume loss on the face.


Kybella® is a prescription injectable used to improve the appearance of a double chin.


Lumecca® is a broad spectrum IPL used to successfully treat pigmented, and vascular lesions, including age spots, sun damage, spider veins, port wine stains, redness, and freckles.


Microneedling is a skin rejuvenation treatment that involves tiny needles inserted into the superficial to deeper layers of the skin.

It is typically performed on the face but can also be done on the neck, chest, and hands.

Advanced Aesthetic Treatment and Skincare in the Knoxville, TN Area

Your skin health matters to us.

If you’re living with an aesthetic-related condition or are experiencing new or worsening symptoms consistent with one, our team of caring and compassionate experts in the Knoxville area is here to help with the most advanced and minimally invasive treatment options available to you.

We encourage you to schedule an appointment today for a personalized diagnosis and care plan that fits your health and wellness goals.