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BodyFX® offers fat reduction and skin tightening through non-invasive apoptosis by using Bipolar Radio Frequency energy by heating to the deep subcutaneous layer.

The hand piece uses a suction/negative pressure to maximize depth to the underlying fat layers. The radio frequency provides optimal heating and contracting using energy pulses at one million cycles per second. To maximize comfort and safety, the skin temperature is continuously monitored and adjusts power to keep it therapeutic, safe, and effective body contouring with fat cell death, contraction, and cellulite improvements all in one. For added strength and power pair BodyFX® with Forma Plus™ for even stronger skin tightening results.

On clinical studies, stained slides revealed 20% reduction of fat cells than non-treated areas which increased to 30% one month after the last treatment. Neocollagenesis increased by an average of 13.7%.


Optimal results are patients with an average BMI of 26. Treatment protocol is one treatment to the area once a week for eight weeks. The average circumference reduction on the abdomen can be expected to be on average 3.58 cm(according to one study). Improvement in cellulite revealed a 60% reduction of pit depth on the Vectra scale.

Patients experience warmth and pulling sensations during treatment and most compare the treatment to a deep tissue massage. There is no downtime and redness at the treatment site subsides within a few hours. This is a great alternative to liposuction but RF cannot be done on patients with implanted devices such as a pacemaker, epilepsy, or pregnant or lactating mothers. However, it does a great job getting rid of the ‘mummy tummy’ after breastfeeding is complete.

After my first visit, I was not excited. I thought my ankles and legs looked worse; I was discouraged. Well, by the end of my second visit – WOW! I was taking a bath and about to shave my legs and no more blue ankles. I was so excited I wanted to jump out of the tub! This is my third visit and I can’t wait to see my ankles and legs at the end of my fifth. Now, I am ready for summer and shorts. I am so very please! This I do recommend.

– R.S., age 72, March 2015

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