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Venous Lake Treatment


Are you living with a bluish or purple spot on your lip or face? It is probably a venous lake. These common skin lesions may be small but can cause significant concern, especially if they’re raised and bleeding easily.

While typically benign, their appearance or discomfort can prompt individuals to seek treatment.

Here, we discuss venous lake treatment in detail: how it's done, what results to expect, and how it can make your skin clearer and more comfortable. Continue reading to learn more.

Venous Lakes

What are Venous Lakes?

A venous lake is a type of vein condition commonly occurring on the lips.

A venous lake on the lip looks like a dome-shaped lump that results from a collection of enlarged veins under the skin. They are typically dark purple or blue in appearance.

You are more likely to have a venous lake if:

  • It is a soft, compressible dark blue bump
  • It is on your lip, especially your lower lip
  • You have a history of long-term sun exposure
  • Are over 50 years of age

Venous lakes are harmless and do not present cause for concern. They can mimic other conditions, such as skin cancer, so it’s essential to have your venous lake evaluated promptly by a qualified health professional.

What Causes a Venous Lake to Form?

Venous lakes typically develop due to sun exposure over time, leading to the dilation of small blood vessels near the skin's surface. Trauma or injury can also contribute to their formation.

Venous Lake Symptoms

Venous lakes are typically painless. However, if the venous lake is large and raised, it can become irritated, itchy, and sore. Venous lakes can bleed easily if traumatized.

Venous Lake Lip Treatment 

Venous lake treatment involves a specialized laser technology, like the Cutera® ExcelV™, which precisely targets enlarged veins.

The procedure cauterizes the affected tissue, leading to its breakdown and eventual resolution.

While smaller venous lakes often respond well to a single treatment, larger ones might require multiple sessions for optimal results.

After treatment, a temporary firmness may occur as the body naturally processes the treated area, with visible improvements typically seen within weeks post-healing.

Healing after venous lake treatment typically takes around 4 to 6 weeks. This duration allows the body to break down the cauterized tissue and for visible improvements to emerge.

Innovative Venous Lake Treatment in Tennessee

Feeling confident in your appearance is vital, especially if you're dealing with a purple spot on your lip that you’d like to remove.

At Tennessee Vein Center, our expert team specializes in advanced treatments for skin conditions like venous lakes.

From tailored laser therapies to personalized approaches, we're dedicated to achieving smoother, more even skin. Count on us for comprehensive care on your path to healthier skin.

Reach out to our team today to explore practical solutions for venous lake treatment.

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