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Venous Lakes


Venous Lakes

A venous lake is a type of vascular malformation that commonly occurs on the lips. Venous lakes look like a dome shaped lump that results from a collection of enlarged veins under the skin. They are typically dark purple or blue in appearance. Venous lakes are typically painless. However, if the venous lake is large and raised it can become irritated, itchy, and sore. Venous lakes can bleed easily if traumatized. You are more likely to have a venous lake if:

  • It is a soft, compressible dark blue bump
  • It is on your lip, especially your lower lip
  • You have a history of long-term sun exposure
  • Are over 50 years of age

Venous lakes are harmless and do not present cause for concern. They can however mimic other conditions, such as skin cancer. It is important to have your venous lake evaluated by a qualified health professional, especially if there is any concern about it looking abnormal.

Venous Lakes

Treatment of Venous Lakes

Venous lakes are treated with our Cutera® ExcelV™ laser. The Nd:YAG laser energy targets the enlarged vein, cauterizing that tissue. A small, hard lump may be felt for the next couple weeks as the body breaks down the cauterized tissue. Small venous lakes usually respond well after a single treatment. For larger, deeper venous lakes more than one session may be needed. Results are typically seen in 4-6 weeks once healing is completed.

Insurance carriers consider venous lakes cosmetic. We offer no-obligation consultations to see if treatment of your venous lakes may be a good option for you.

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