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Understanding Cherry Angioma Removal withTennessee Vein Center


So, you've found a small red or purple spot on your skin. What now? This is most likely a cherry angioma. As its name suggests, it may resemble a small cherry-like circle.

Cherry angiomas are harmless skin bumps that often appear as people age.

While they usually don't cause problems, some people remove them for cosmetic reasons or if they change or bleed.

Learning more about what they are, why they appear, and how cherry angioma removal works can help manage these common skin blemishes effectively. Continue reading to learn more.

Cherry Angiomas

What is a Cherry Angioma?

A cherry angioma is a small, harmless red or purple bump on the skin's surface. It's made up of tiny blood vessels clumped together.

These bumps can vary in size and shape and often appear on the body, mainly on the torso, arms, and shoulders.

Although they're generally harmless, some people choose to remove them for cosmetic reasons, especially if they have a cherry angioma on their face or if they lead to discomfort or frequent bleeding.

Cherry Angioma Causes

Cherry angiomas form due to an overgrowth of blood vessels close to the skin's surface. However, the exact cause for their development remains uncertain. They often appear with age and might be influenced by genetic factors or environmental elements, though the exact triggers are not fully understood.

While the reasons behind their formation aren't clear, cherry angiomas are generally harmless and more common as individuals age.

What is a Thrombosed Cherry Angioma?

A thrombosed cherry angioma occurs when a regular cherry angioma experiences clotting within its blood vessels, leading to a darkening or a blackish appearance due to a clot or a small hemorrhage inside the growth.

This condition, often linked to cherry angioma bleeding, might also relate to eruptive cherry angiomas, which are sudden appearances of multiple angiomas.

A darkened or worrisome thrombosed cherry angioma typically isn't a serious health risk. But it's important to have any changes in skin growth, especially if they bleed or suddenly appear in groups (like eruptive cherry angiomas), checked by a healthcare professional. This ensures they're harmless and not a sign of any deeper problems.

Cherry Angioma Treatment Options

When treating cherry angiomas, we provide minimally invasive solutions using Cutera Excel® V and Veinwave™.

These treatments focus on the blood vessels beneath the angioma, heating them and causing them to close. A small scab may form at the angioma site as the healing process begins, typically falling off within about a week. Larger or long-standing angiomas might need more than one treatment session to achieve the desired results.

Our goal in cherry angioma removal is to minimize these skin growths with minimal discomfort and a focus on successful outcomes.

Cherry Angioma Removal Before and After

See the transformation that cherry angioma removal can bring.

Before and after cherry angioma treatment image

Frequently Asked Questions About Skin Cherry Angiomas

Are you curious about cherry angiomas or cherry angioma removal? This section addresses some of people's most common questions about these skin growths, providing valuable answers to help you better understand this common skin condition.

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Effective Cherry Angioma Laser Removal Treatment Near Knoxville

Don't let cherry angiomas affect your appearance or confidence.

At Tennessee Vein Center, we provide diverse treatment solutions to minimize the appearance of these skin growths so you can feel better in your skin sooner.

If you're seeking a clearer, smoother look, we're here to assist you with quick and easy treatment.

Contact us today to begin your journey toward addressing this vein-related condition. Our skilled team is dedicated to supporting you with your skincare needs.

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