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A Look at Port Wine Stain Treatment


Did you know port wine stains are birthmarks caused by abnormal blood vessel development? These reddish or purplish patches often appear on the face or neck and are present from birth.

Although they're generally harmless, a professional should check for any changes in their size or color. Combining different treatments can help manage these marks. Using sunscreen with zinc or titanium dioxide can prevent them from darkening when exposed to the sun.

Even if you’ve lived with a port wine stain birthmark your entire life, you may wonder what treatment options can help lessen their appearance, especially if they are large, cause symptoms, or affect your self-esteem.

The good news is treatment is possible.

If you or someone you know has port wine stains on the leg or other body areas or are concerned about sudden skin discoloration, we're here to help. Explore effective treatments and better understand this unique skin condition below. Keep reading to learn more.

Port Wine Stain

What are Port Wine Stains?

Port-wine stains, or nevus flammeus, are birthmarks formed by clusters of blood vessels present at birth. They appear in shades of pink, red, or dark maroon and often darken as a child grows. These marks are typically unavoidable, but laser treatments can help fade their appearance.

While these birthmarks can emerge anywhere, port wine stains are commonly found on the arms, face, neck, or legs. Generally harmless, they may hint at conditions such as Sturge-Weber or Klippel-Trenaunay Syndromes, often detected during childhood.

When linked with an underlying condition, this amalgamation of birthmarks and associated health issues is occasionally called "port wine stain syndrome." This syndrome, notably related to Sturge-Weber syndrome, encompasses neurological abnormalities like seizures, developmental delays, and sometimes eye problems, necessitating specialized medical attention and comprehensive care.

Port Wine Stain Removal Options

For adults seeking treatment for port wine stains, we offer advanced solutions using the Cutera® Excel V™ Laser.

This specialized laser utilizes two distinct wavelengths, effectively targeting the pink/red and darker red/purple tones in port wine stains. However, it's important to note that older port wine stains are more treatment-resistant.

While this laser treatment is highly effective, achieving complete removal of the port wine stain might only sometimes be possible, particularly with older or deeply rooted stains.

Multiple treatment sessions are typically required to achieve noticeable improvements. While complete elimination may not be feasible in some cases, our laser therapy can significantly reduce the appearance of port wine stains, providing considerable aesthetic improvement.

If Left Untreated, Are There Port Wine Stain Complications?

Port wine stains can sometimes lead to certain complications, especially when associated with conditions like Sturge-Weber syndrome.

The potential complications can include:

  • Emotional distress affects self-esteem or confidence, particularly in visible areas like the face or when the port wine stain is large.
  • Neurological issues such as seizures, developmental delays, or eye problems like glaucoma.
  • Skin changes: the skin within the birthmark area might thicken or develop a cobblestone-like texture, potentially causing discomfort or cosmetic concerns.

In rare instances, mainly when port wine stains are raised, or on specific body parts, there might be a risk of bleeding or ulceration, leading to potential infection or scarring.

It's essential for individuals with port wine stains, especially those linked to associated syndromes, to receive appropriate medical evaluation and, if necessary, specialized port wine stain treatment to monitor and address any potential complications or associated health issues.

Effective Port Wine Stain Treatment in Tennessee

Feeling comfortable in your skin matters most.

If you or a loved one has port wine stains, addressing this concern effectively and gently is essential.

At Tennessee Vein Center, our experienced team focuses on advanced treatments for skin conditions. From laser therapies to personalized approaches for port wine stain treatment, we're dedicated to finding the best solution for smoother, more even skin.

Our commitment is to provide comprehensive care for your journey to healthier skin. Contact us today to discover how we can help diminish port wine stains effectively.

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