What Do I Love Best About Retinol?What Do I Love Best About Retinol?
September 16, 2016

What Do I Love Best About Retinol?

What do I love best about retinol?

I’ve used a topical retinol, since a dermatologist recommended it, for my 30’s acne. Never having acne as a teenager and quite repulsed dealing with it and three small children, I decided over the counter medicine was not going to be enough and I was motivated. The doctor actually told me, “You’ll thank me later, because it’s also an anti-wrinkle medicine.”

I was delighted to try something for my acne and prevent wrinkles at the same time. Not that I had really noticed any yet, but I knew there was a huge difference from thirty-year-old faces and forty-year-old faces and I was never one that had to learn the hard way. I could learn from other’s mistakes. So I gladly started retinol.

It did what the doctor promised and kept away those pesky cystic acne bumps that threatened around a certain week of the month. But after 15 years on retinol, I can now attest to its wonder at being an anti-ager.

Back to my original question, what I love most about retinol is the powerful way it stimulates the collagen and elastin in my skin. There are many forms out there but I find compliance has me using the .05% daily. Not the Rx kind that is pure retinoic acid and burns my skin but the retinol that converts to retinoic acid after bypassing the epidermis (that first layer of skin). Available only at a physician’s office in its pure form, but it is worth it because your face won’t be constantly peeling (maybe a tiny bit at first- because you have so much dead skin) but after that, you just have beautiful skin every day.

Did you know there are products out there that can increase the storage of retinols in your skin until your skin is ready to covert it? So your skin can keep making that collagen instead of being injected with it.

Afraid you have difficult skin? Retinol’s are made for acne prone, pigmented, or dry skin. What are you waiting for? Never tried one? Like the doctor told me, you’ll thank me later.

What is your story with retinols? Let’s talk about it. Call today for your appointment.

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