Beverly Restores Her Life with Dr. Campbell - Part TwoBeverly Restores Her Life with Dr. Campbell - Part Two
January 11, 2022

Beverly Restores Her Life with Dr. Campbell - Part Two

The story of Beverly’s treatment began in part one of this two-part story. You can find the first part here

After moving from New York to Tennessee, Beverly wasn’t sure if she would be able to find medical care for an ulcer that had returned years after initial treatment. She made a trip over to Tennessee Vein Center and, after a short bout of uncertainty in the office regarding whether Beverly could find relief, received a life-changing call. 

“I come home and they called me up on the phone,” Beverly said. “And that’s when they told me to come back and that Dr. Campbell would look at my leg and fix it for me. When he said that, we couldn’t believe it and we all started crying. I was really grateful.”

Comfortable, Calm Treatment

The first time Beverly received ulcer treatment, she had to go to a large hospital in New York. Hospitals, as Beverly will tell you, do very little to calm your nerves. Treatment at Tennessee Vein Center was much different. 

Dr. Campbell and the entire staff at the practice focus every effort on making each patient feel comfortable and cared for during their treatment. This has been their practice from the very beginning in 2010 when Dr. Campbell founded the practice. 

After working for a national healthcare company, Dr. Campbell decided he wanted to be able to take a more personal approach to treatment so that he could provide the kind of care that Beverly and all of his patients deserved. He also wanted to bring his patients to a state-of-the-art facility, which he managed to build with Tennessee Vein Center. 

“Treatment with Dr. Campbell was very relaxing,” Beverly said. “The first time in New York was scary.” 

From the moment you walk in the door to the second you finish treatment, Beverly said she felt like she mattered to the staff. To combat the ulcer, the team took three main steps. First, they marked important areas on her leg for ulcer treatment as a guide during the procedure. Then, they let her rest back as an ultrasound machine was prepared. Once imaging from the ultrasound was able to assist with the injection, Dr. Campbell released the solution to erase the ulcer. 

“Dr. Campbell and the nurses talked to me the entire time to make me feel more comfortable and keep your mind off of it,” Beverly said. Even though she recognizes a high pain tolerance, Beverly said other patients would probably only find the treatment slightly painful or uncomfortable.  

Back to Normal and Back to Business 

After they are done, you go into a recovery room to put your feet up and to circulate your blood,” Beverly said. Part of this process is staying at the office so the staff can look after you during your recovery. “In a couple of hours, I was fine and back to normal. There was no lingering pain or discomfort, and I didn’t have to miss any work. I really didn’t have to miss anything with this procedure.”

This absence of downtime or recovery is one of the biggest draws for the kind of cutting-edge treatment that Tennessee Vein Center offers.  They know that people live busy lives and the last thing they want to do is miss out on something because of medical treatment. 

Once you have spent enough time in the recovery room (usually not more than 20 or 30 minutes), you are free to get back to your regular routine and schedule. You can go back to work, head over to a family function or just get back to some well-deserved rest and relaxation at home. 

Into the Smoky Mountains

“I am very happy with the way the results turned out,” Beverly said. “The ulcers healed, and the varicose veins are better. I haven’t had another ulcer because Dr. Campbell checks my legs all the time to prevent any serious conditions from coming up again.” 

As far as the impact that treatment with Dr. Campbell has had on her life — well, the differences, as Beverly tells it, are substantial.

“I can actually go on hikes and swim and pretty much anything now,” Beverly said. The mountain ranges that she was so used to gazing at around her home are no longer off-limits. “I love being outdoors, and now I can go and hike the smoky mountains whenever I want.” 

Tennessee Vein Center has office in the Alcoa areas. It is owned and operated by Dr. Keith Campbell, who focuses on establishing close relationships with his patients. Dr. Campbell grew up in East Tennessee and decided to practice medicine in the community he was raised in. Tennessee Vein Center opened in 2010 with the goal of providing patients with cutting-edge treatment and intentional medical care. You can call Tennessee Vein Center at (865) 233-5858 or fill out our online contact form to get in touch with the office.

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