What is Veinwave™?

Veinwave™ is a revolutionary technique used by physicians around the world to eliminate spider veins and fine thread veins, known as telangiectasias. This FDA-cleared device is relatively new in the USA, but has been used in Europe for over nine years. It is the treatment of choice for spider veins that are too small to treat with injection sclerotherapy and it is particularly effective for the treatment of facial telangiectasias. Tennessee Vein Center is the first provider in the area to offer Veinwave™ treatments.

What Should I Expect During Veinwave™ Treatment?

Prior to Veinwave™ treatment, the area to be treated should be free of make-up, self-tanning products, and spray-on tanning products. Veinwave™ utilizes a proprietary delivery of pinpoint thermocoagulation, providing a relatively painless walk in walk out procedure, with no risk of significant bruising, scarring or pigmentation. The sensation to most is similar to a warm pin prick, others relate it to a minor sting which does not linger – often it depends upon the location of the treatment. With minimal discomfort, the treatment a preferred alternative to painful dermal lasers and light-based treatments and is undoubtedly more effective.

What Should I Expect After Veinwave™ Treatment?

The effect of the treatment is ‘instant’ in that you see the veins disappearing immediately. Some patients leave the treatment without any real visible sign on the skin, other than the lack of veins, and some with more sensitive skin may suffer minor reddening which should disappear within a few days if not hours. Immediately after the treatment you can resume everyday activities. Avoid the sun for a couple of days or use sun block. After a few days very small micro-crusts like the marks from a cat scratch can appear where Veinwave™ has been applied. This is normal and no special care is needed. These will disappear on their own. It is best not to retreat an area for 6 weeks. At that time your practitioner is best able to see if any small veins remain. Once a thread vein has been successfully treated it cannot come back. It is possible to make more thread veins but these too can be treated.

Additional Veinwave™ FAQs

How Long has the Veinwave™ System Been Available?
The Veinwave™ has been used in Europe since 2002, where over 1000 physicians are enjoying the results every day. American physicians saw the technology at international conferences and there has been building demand for the system. therefore, the FDA recently cleared the Veinwave™ system for sale in the USA. Tennessee Vein Center has provided treatment with it since 2010.
How Does Veinwave™ Work?
The Veinwave™ system uses an important collection of proprietary technologies to effectively thermocoagulate telangiectsia and spider veins. The process causes the blood vessels to heat up to a point where the vessel walls collapse. (This is similar to sucking the air out of a drinking straw and then gluing the inside walls together).
Does Veinwave™ Treatment Hurt?
Some patients have a mild discomfort, but it is very tolerable – especially compared to electrolysis, laser, or intense pulsed light treatments. It is not necessary to use any anesthetic needed for the Veinwave™ procedures. In fact, it is advised NOT to use anesthetics because they can cause undesired vasodilation (widening of the vessels). For more sensitive areas, such as around the nose, a topical anesthetic may be applied.
How Long Until Patients can Resume Normal Activity?
Because the Veinwave™ is not using photocoagulation (such as laser/light-based energy), the patient may immediately return to normal activity, including normal sun exposure however a medical grade sunscreen is recommended. While you can apply makeup over the treated area, it is recommended that you do so lightly to enable the skin to breathe and recover.
How Does the Treated Area Look Afterwards?
Most vessels almost completely disappear immediately after treatment. Some people have a response that resembles a “cat scratch” – with pinkness which will quickly subside. The tiny “micro-scabs” will flake away over the next few days. In some cases, they may appear darker after treatment. This will dissolve by the same process (and over the same time) as a bruise resolving. In patients who have a history of strong flushing or histamine reactions, the doctor may use a topical steroid.
Is it Necessary to Wear Compression Hose or Bandages as a Result of Veinwave™ Treatment?
It is not necessary to wear any compression garments and Veinwave™ does not cause enough injury to require a bandage.
 Is Scarring a Concern?
No, provided it is used by trained and qualified personnel.
Once an Area has been Fully Treated, Does the Vein Come Back?
For the vessels that were correctly treated, the body’s processes it as unwanted debris and it eventually dissolves/fades away (like a bruise). Your health, metabolism and other factors will dictate how long this takes. Although the coapted vessels are gone forever, this does not prevent new ones from forming.
Does the Veinwave™ Work on Rosacea?
The Veinwave™ has been widely used outside the USA for rosacea, but has not yet been cleared by the FDA for this. The European physicians find the Veinwave™ is very successful at removing the symptoms of rosacea (removing the vascular areas), but not actually curing the disease. The number of treatment sessions depends on severity of the disease state.
How Precise is the Veinwave™ Treatment?
The tiny probe that touches the skin is only 0.002 to 0.003 inches and is micro-insulated to protect the surrounding issue.
Can I Have Veinwave™ Treament if I Have a Spray-On Tan or Makeup in the Area Being Treated?
These should be discussed with your practitioner since there is slight potential for an adverse effect.

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