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Surface Laser

Our state of the art Cutera® Excel V™ is a solid-state, long-pulsed Nd-YAG technology laser system that utilizes 2 different wavelengths (532/1064nm) to treat a variety of concerns, including unwanted veins. Its versatility allows unmatched precision for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions including leg veins, facial veins/redness, cherry angiomas, Rosacea, Port Wine Stains, Poiklioderma, venous lakes, and age/brown spots. Treatment has never been more comfortable with the built-in cooling system. The sapphire contact cooling allows for a comfortable before, during, and after experience without compromising treatment efficacy. The Excel V™ works specifically by heating up the unwanted veins, causing them to become fibrotic and close down.

Cutera® Excel V™ Laser
Cutera® Excel V™ Laser
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