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Lumecca® is a broad spectrum IPL (Intense Pulse Light), the most powerful IPL treating pigmented and vascular lesions. This is a popular technology for age spots, sun damage, spider veins, port wine stains, redness, and freckles.

We recommend no direct sunlight or tanning one month prior to treatment for optimal results and then stay out of the sun three weeks post treatment, wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with zinc or titanium everyday which we can provide in our office.

During the treatment there is a bright flash of light with each pulse and the patient wears protective goggles. Patients may feel warming skin and see redness that subsides in an hour. Pigmented lesions will appear over the next day or two and will flake off over the next week or two. Having multiple photofacial treatments will improve skin causing it to become more brilliant and clear. Lumecca® is typically performed on the face, neck, décolleté, legs, hands, and arms.


Although this is the strongest IPL, three treatments are recommended for the effective treatment of pigmentation. This is used in conjunction with Fractora® for a full facial target of pigment, broken veins and wrinkles.

Other than gray hair and wrinkles, pigmentation spots (solar lentigos, age spots, freckles,) and broken veins on the nose and face are the next two signs of aging and yet treatable. A patient is susceptible to both of these with prolonged unprotected sun exposure to UVA light in which most sunscreens do not protect. (There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary.)

After my first visit, I was not excited. I thought my ankles and legs looked worse; I was discouraged. Well, by the end of my second visit – WOW! I was taking a bath and about to shave my legs and no more blue ankles. I was so excited I wanted to jump out of the tub! This is my third visit and I can’t wait to see my ankles and legs at the end of my fifth. Now, I am ready for summer and shorts. I am so very please! This I do recommend.

– R.S., age 72, March 2015

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