Dr. Campbell and the staff at Tennessee Vein Center are top notch. Working as a nurse and being on my feet for long hours led to some very uncomfortable and unsightly varicose veins in both my legs. I would have swelling, heaviness, itchiness and restlessness due to these veins. In 2014, I decided to have laser/sclerotherapy performed by Dr. Campbell. It greatly reduced the appearance of the veins and alleviated all the symptoms that came along with them. I love how my legs look and feel and enjoy the confidence and freedom I feel wearing my favorite summer outfits again! All of the staff at Tennessee Vein Center have always been professional, friendly and helpful when it came to issues concerning insurance. I highly recommend Dr. Campbell if you are considering varicose vein treatment. (Google, August 2020)

Since I live in Lenoir City I could have easily chosen a Vein clinic in Farragut or Knoxville but the moment I walked into TVC in Merryville, I knew I had made the right decision. I don’t know if it was the genuinely friendly greeting I received when I first stepped inside or the fun conversation I had with the staff person that did the mapping of my veins prior to the actual procedure. Then again, it may have been the soothing uplifting music they played and the enjoyable and instructional conversation I had with Dr. Campbell while he was injecting my veins with the ablation solution. All I know is that the big clump of purple veins is gone from my knee and I can walk around the block without having to stop because of leg pain. If I had three thumbs I would give a triple thumbs up, but hope two thumbs up is convincing enough! (Google Review, August 2020)

Tennessee Vein Center has been great for me. Dr. Campbell and his staff are very encouraging and very professional while taking care of you. I have been going to them for varicose vein treatment and when I first went I was very apprehensive. I don’t like pain and I didn’t know what to expect. The Dr. and his Assistants put my mind at ease with talking me through each step they did. I am so glad I went. My legs no longer hurt and the pain in my hip is gone. It makes for a great nights sleep. I would highly recommend Dr. Campbell and his staff. – Tammy, April 2018

There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary.

“After my first visit, I was not excited. I thought my ankles and legs looked worse; I was discouraged. Well, by the end of my second visit – WOW! I was taking a bath and about to shave my legs and no more blue ankles. I was so excited I wanted to jump out of the tub! This is my third visit and I can’t wait to see my ankles and legs at the end of my fifth. Now, I am ready for summer and shorts. I am so very pleased! This I do recommend.” R.S., age 72, March 2015

There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary.

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